Are Compostable Coffee Bags Worth Buying?

March 01,2022

The coffee bag is the focus of coffee beans and coffee powder packaging, and its role is self-evident. For packaging manufacturers, it is very important to choose good quality coffee bags, which is related to the protection of coffee product quality and consumers' requirements for product packaging design.


However, with the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, compostable coffee bags have emerged in the market in recent years. Today in this blog, I will mainly introduce this new product.


Some Reasons for the Popularity of Compostable Coffee Bags


A 2018 IHS statistics also showed that 40% of global plastics are used in the packaging field, and 59% of plastic pollution originates in the packaging field. Plastic packaging has become the top priority of the white pollution problem due to its characteristics of disposable, difficult to recycle, low performance, and many impurities. At the same time, it is also the reason for consumer rejection and boycott.


As a result, many coffee companies are calling for no unwelcome compounds like bisphenol A and phthalates and declaring their commitment to sustainability on good quality coffee bags.


It can be seen that the use of plastics has attracted widespread attention in the world, and the related compostable coffee bags packaging industry has also ushered in the spring.


The Features of our Compostable Coffee Bags

Compostable Coffee Bags,Good Quality Coffee Bag Manufacturers


  • Our compostable coffee bags are bi-layer and tri-layer composites made from a combination of bio-based and synthetic polymer materials.


  • All materials and seals are individually certified to the EN13432 degradability standard.
  • We can produce products such as printed or unprinted good quality coffee bags.


  • It is a certified degradable valve for coffee.


Our compostable packaging is suitable for dry food, seeds, cereals, coffee, tea, pet food, powders, sports nutrition, candy, and more, and has excellent barrier properties compared to materials such as plastics.


3 Ways to Choose Good Quality Coffee Bags


Despite the many advantages of compostable coffee bags, many people do not know how to buy high-quality products. Next, I will share with you some shopping methods.


  • Consider odor-free products


Good quality coffee bags should be odorless and odorless. For products with peculiar smells, for safety reasons, it is best not to use them on food packaging.


  • Check the certificate of good quality coffee bag manufacturers

Generally speaking, good quality compostable coffee bags are labeled with the manufacturer and inspection certificate. You also need to check to see if there is a vent valve on the coffee bag.


  • Choose environmentally friendly products


You'd better not buy or use coffee bags made from recycled plastic, because coffee bags are for food. Therefore, you should choose compostable coffee bags when purchasing.


Once a novelty, compostable coffee bags are now widely available and can be used in a variety of standard and custom products. The surge in interest in these materials reflects growing consumer interest in sustainability and the environment.


As experts in food packaging design, packaging performance, and distribution, Kaixuan Packaging Company can help food manufacturers and distributors select the right materials for their unique needs. If you are interested in our good quality compostable coffee bags, welcome to contact us.