Characteristics and Advantages of Kraft Paper Bag

February 28,2022

In recent years, in the fashion industry and food industry, everyone is recalling and reconstructing classics, especially the popular kraft paper bag. When it comes to kraft paper bags, the first thing I think of is kraft paper in ancient TV sets. Ancient people used kraft paper to directly package food.


Now, what impresses everyone most is the take-out bags of KFC and McDonald's. The natural brown of brown paper looks like a warm nostalgia and a white kraft paper bag. I believe many people like it very much.


Kraft paper's pure natural brown and white can give people a healthy and nostalgic impression. The packaging of kraft paper bags not only reflects the concept of health and environmental protection but also highlights the high-end, which is consistent with the high-end concept of consumers' pursuit of a healthy diet and use.


As a Kraft Paper Bag Mfg, today we'll talk about kraft bags.


kraft paper bag


What is kraft paper?


Kraft paper is generally brown, and semi bleached or fully bleached kraft pulp is light brown, milk coffee, or milk-white. Roll paper is more common, but also tablet paper. Using potassium thiocyanate coniferous wood paddle as raw material, it is produced on the long net paper machine after pulping. It can be used as envelope paper, handbag, insulating paper, notebook cover, and all kinds of plastic packaging products. Resilience compressive strength, crack work and dynamic compressive strength is very high.


Application of kraft paper


If you buy clothes, trousers or shoes, to make it easier for you to bring clothes, trousers, and shoes, businesses will give you a handbag or shoebox or carton. The raw material of this handbag, shoebox, and carton is kraft paper.


In-office equipment, we often use file folders and briefcases to store and sort out documents. Their appearance color is brown. Most of these file folders and briefcases are also made of kraft paper.


The waterproof performance of some kraft paper can also be used for food packaging such as tea packaging, rice packaging, and wine packaging, which can reasonably block the water vapor outside the object and prevent the object from being damaged due to humidity and cold.


Kraft paper can also be used as a buffer raw material. Some high-precision parts must be buffered and maintained. Kraft paper is added inside as a buffer raw material. The buffer raw material made of gender raw materials is low-cost and environmental protection.


Advantages of kraft paper bag


  • Kraft paper bags are combined with the current popular culture to convey the brand image more acceptably. Because kraft paper has a special natural color, compared with other effects that can only be achieved through the complex printing process, kraft paper can obtain unique visual effects through simple processing and printing. It can be said that the personalized packaging of products has become an important sales highlight.


  • Moreover, kraft paper packaging bag has small elasticity, no influence of heat and light, and better stability;


  • The opacity of kraft paper can provide hidden isolation so that some products can not be seen from the outside of the package (except those with windows), which satisfies people's curiosity.


  • Kraft Paper Bag also has good air permeability, softness, strength, and controllable tear performance.
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