Characteristics and Advantages of Ziplock Bag

March 02,2022

At present, the ziplock bags used by people can generally be divided into two types. This classification method is distinguished according to the production model of packaging bags. One of them can be made by direct film blowing. The seals of such packaging bags are relatively thick, and the hot air vents are selected on both sides.


Another kind of packing bag chain is attached. This kind of packing bag generally belongs to composite bag. When people buy and use packing bags, they can distinguish them in this way.


Today, as the leading Kraft Ziplock Bag Factory, let's talk about the characteristics and advantages of ziplock bags.


ziplock bag


Characteristics of ziplock bag


  1. High barrier


The ziplock bag mainly uses the high barrier performance of different packaging materials to coextrusion the film, to achieve the effect of the high barrier to oxygen, carbon dioxide, water, smell, and so on. A bony hand-held ziplock bag is the most common in life. How to use a bony hand-held ziplock bag to keep frozen food fresh?


  1. Stable performance


It can be used for vacuum packaging, aseptic packaging, and inflatable packaging.


  1. Low cost


Compared with glass packaging, aluminum foil packaging, and other plastic packaging, a waterproof ziplock bag should achieve the same barrier effect, and its coextrusion film has great advantages in cost. Due to its simple process, the cost of the produced film can be reduced by 10-20% compared with dry composite film and other composite films.


  1. Flexible specifications


Can choose any different, can meet your different needs of different ziplock bag products.


  1. High strength


Coextrusion film has the characteristics of stretching in the processing process, and the strength of plastic can be improved accordingly after stretching. At the same time, nylon, polyethylene, and other packaging materials can be added in the middle, so that it can have a composite strength higher than that of general plastic packaging, and there is no delamination phenomenon. It has excellent flexibility and excellent heat-sealing performance.


  1. Small volume ratio


The ziplock bag can adopt vacuum shrink packaging, and the capacity volume ratio is almost 100%. Such packaging effect is unmatched by the glass, iron can, and paper packaging.


Benefits of packing items in ziplock bags


Ziplock bag is widely used in our lives and plays a very important role. The most basic role is ziplock bag packaging. In all links of production and circulation, it may cause damage, deformation, deterioration, mildew, and other problems of goods. Therefore, select appropriate ziplock bag packaging materials, packaging methods, and packaging technology to protect goods and prevent these problems.


Good ziplock bag packaging is the medium to induce consumers to buy. Other packaging designs, colors, and text are the description of goods and play the role of information transmission. The commodity name, manufacturer, date, storage, and use method on the ziplock bag package are important information needed by consumers. The novelty, uniqueness, difference, ease to buy, and other characteristics of ziplock bag packaging can promote sales.


The ziplock bag also has the function of protecting resources. It can transport the useful part of agricultural and sideline products to cities, reduce garbage, greatly reduce the loss rate of agricultural and sideline products, and save circulation resources and storage space. Some ziplock bag packaging materials can also be reused or used to package other items. Some exquisite packaging can also be collected.


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