Development Trend of Pet Food Packaging Bag

June 10,2022

Nowadays, families have pets is already a popular trend in various countries, whether it is ordinary dogs and cats or more remote reptiles and so on, all kinds of pets, relative to the increase in the number of pets, pet food is also a product that each owner attaches great importance to, according to the relevant statistics pet food demand has been growing at a rate of 5% per year, the future market will be more immeasurable The future market will be even more immeasurable.


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The importance of pet food packaging bags


Pet food is specifically for pets, small animals to provide food, between human food and traditional livestock and poultry feed between the high-grade animal food. Its role is mainly to provide a variety of pets with Z basic life assurance, growth and development and health of the necessary nutrients. It has the advantages of comprehensive nutrition, high digestibility and absorption rate, scientific formulation, quality standards, easy to feed and use, as well as the prevention of certain diseases.


Therefore, in the future, the pet packaging market has a very broad space for future development, packaging products of higher value, packaging design structure more complex and the number of pets caused by the rebound of pet food sales continue to rise and other factors to promote the rapid development of the pet food packaging industry. High-end pet food brands to provide healthier, higher nutritional value food (as pets enjoy increasingly humane treatment), will become a catalyst for increased sales of pet food packaging (such as paper bags).


Veteran industry analyst Joe Pryweller (Joe Pryweller) believes that pet food bags will be the main beneficiary of the growing trend in pet food packaging, which is growing at a rate of 12.5% per year. As for why this is the case, the reason lies in the zipper seal device and lightweight design in addition to helping to facilitate the user, but also to reduce shipping costs.


Classification of pet food bags


Pet food bags / pet food packaging bags are used to package a variety of pet food, its quality directly affects the quality of pet food, high-quality pet food packaging products fully reflect the environmentally friendly and harmless design. Pet food packaging bag production materials are mainly the following: co-extruded PE film, woven bags, multi-layer composite paper bags and high-temperature cooking bags for wet food and soft cans packaging, etc.


People's requirements for pet food packaging convenience and weight has driven the increase in the use of packaging containers such as buckets and cups. Obviously, in the next few days, they will continue to replace metal containers, becoming the main packaging material for food containing water packaging. These containers not only have easy-to-open removable lids, but their smooth edges also save consumers from being cut by metal containers.




Bags will continue to be a popular form of packaging due to their capacity, generally weighing greater than or equal to 16 pounds. In dry pet food packaging, multi-layer paper bags will become the primary choice for holding small packages of food, not only can the appearance of more beautiful upscale, and pets can eat up in a short time, there will be no food expiration and waste of trouble, and its sealing and waterproof and moisture-resistant features is also a major feature. So the pet food kraft paper bags are more popular, and its demand is expected to grow at an annual rate of 8.6%.


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