Differences Between Side Gusset Bags And Flat Bottom Gusset Bags

March 03,2022

As we all know that the gusset bags are favored by most most wholesalers thanks to their advantages of space-saving, portability, variety and etc. If you want to improve the ratio of product and packaging, the gusset bag is your perfect choice. Compared to flat bags, the gusset pouch increases the space for the products.


What’s more, the gusset bag is an ideal choice if you want more space to display the unique functions and nutritional ingredients. In addition, the side gusset bag and flat bottom gusset bag are two most common types of gusset pouches. This paper will introduce the differences between them.


Side Gusset Bag.png


Side Gusset Bag


Inside the gusset bag or pouch, an extra gusset is added to the side of the bag or pouch so that it is not box-shaped like the bottom gusset bag. Some business owners argue that they do not provide visually appealing displays on their shelves. However, it still provides ample room for functional and branding purposes. Side gusset bags or pouches are considered ideal for storing foods such as dried fruit and snacks.



flat bottom gusset bags.png


Flat Bottom Gusset Pouch


Flat bottom gusset bags or pouches are super stylish and versatile in size and shape compared to side corner bags or pouches. They tower over store shelves with stunning displays that catch customers' eyes. In general, the bottom button bag is larger than the side button bag even when the same amount of product is filled. If you intend to use the bottom gusset bag for your product, then you will own the bag or both sides of the bag for your branding and marketing. Flat bottom gusset bag or pouch is mainly used for coffee, pet food and confectionery products.


Differences Between Side Gusset Bags And Flat Bottom Gusset Bags


Location In The Bag


This is one of the most obvious difference between them. As the names implies, for the flat bottom gusset bags, the gussets are found at the bottom, while for side gusset bags, gussets are located along the sides of pouches.


Efficiency Of Storage


Storage efficiency means how efficiently filled gusseted bags can fit inside a fridge. It is researched that the side pocket takes up less space than the flat bottom one.




According to the study, people prefer the flat bottom gusset bags than side gusset bags. For flat bottom gusset pouches, there are more sizes and shapes to be available.




The two bags have different volumes of the same size. That is, The 4-inch flat bottom bag is smaller that 4-inch side gusset bag.


In Conclusion


No matter the flat bottom gusset bags or the side gusset bags, you need to choose according to your own situation. If your products are coffee or animal food, it is recommended to select flat bottom gusset bags. While if you sell snacks, you’d better to choose the side gusset bags.


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