Four Common Types of Coffee Bags

March 03,2022

Don't underestimate the importance of coffee bags, especially Christmas coffee bags, beautiful packaging will bring you extra surprises. The packaging you choose affects the freshness of your coffee, the efficiency of your own operations, how prominent (or not!) your product is on the shelf, and how your brand is positioned.


Although there are various types of coffee bags on the market, we will mainly introduce four common ones and their different uses.


Four common coffee bags and their uses


?Stand up bag


Christmas Coffee Bags,Coffee Bag With Window,Side Gusset Coffee Bags


The stand-up coffee bag is a very common coffee bag in the market. This type of coffee bag tends to be less expensive than some other coffee bags.


These bags are three-dimensional shapes consisting of two panels and a bottom gusset. They also often have a resealable zipper that helps the coffee keep longer, even when the bag has been opened. This combination of low price and high quality makes stand-up bags a popular choice for small to medium-sized roasters.


The bottom design also allows the bag to stand on a shelf and has plenty of room to label it. Roasters can easily fill coffee from the top. The wide opening makes operation easy and efficient, helping it to proceed quickly and smoothly.


?Flat bottom bag


Christmas Coffee Bags,Coffee Bag With Window,Side Gusset Coffee Bags


The square-shaped design of the flat-bottom bag eliminates the need for support, giving it a prominent shelf status and, depending on the material, a modern look. Some also feature pocket zippers to make them easier to reseal.


Plus, with its side gussets, it can hold more coffee in a smaller bag. This, in turn, makes storage and transport more efficient and better suited to the environment.


The extra zipper allows customers to use a small amount of coffee and then reseal the bag so it stays fresh. The fly in the ointment is that this bag is more complicated to make, so it tends to be a bit pricey. You need to weigh the advantages of brand and freshness versus cost and decide if it's worth it.


?Side gusset pocket


Christmas Coffee Bags,Coffee Bag With Window,Side Gusset Coffee Bags


The side gusset bag, also known as the side fold bag, is a traditional bag and one of the most popular. It's a sturdy and durable option that's perfect for a lot of coffee.


These types of bags tend to have flat bottoms, which means they can stand on their own - when they have coffee inside.


Side gusset pockets can be printed on all sides, making them easy to brand. They tend to cost less than other options. On the other hand, they don't have zippers. Usually, they are closed by rolling or folding them and using tape or tin tape. While they're easy to close this way, it's important to remember that it's not as effective as a zipper, so coffee beans don't usually stay fresh for long.


?Flat bag/pillow bag


Christmas Coffee Bags,Coffee Bag With Window,Side Gusset Coffee Bags


These bags come in a variety of sizes, but the most common are single-serving packs. If a baker wants a small package, such as a sample, they can choose it.


While these bags tend to be small, they can be printed across their entire surface, providing a good opportunity for branding. However, keep in mind that this type of bag needs support to stay upright. For example, if you wish to display in a booth, you will need a multi-platform or booth.


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The above are the four common coffee packaging, which can be found on our company website. In addition to this, we also sell side gusset coffee bags and coffee bag with window, so get ready for your next marketing campaign! Feel free to contact us anytime.