Four Types of Coffee Bags

March 02,2022

As the packaging of coffee, coffee bags can keep your precious items well. In the dazzling array of commodities, customers always choose only the products they like. In addition to the popularity and satisfaction of the products themselves, the concept of coffee bag packaging design is influencing consumers to make purchasing decisions.


Different kinds of products have different functions and characteristics. Today, in this blog, I will mainly introduce several types of coffee bags, which include gusset plastic bags, flat bottom gusset bags, airtight coffee bags, etc.


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Gusset Plastic Bags


The gusset plastic bag is more traditional and remains one of the most popular. It is also known as a side-fold bag. It's a sturdy and durable option that's perfect for a lot of coffee. Most customers choose this style because they need to pack many grams of coffee, like 5 lbs.


These types of bags tend to have flat bottoms, which means they can stand on their own. Empty bags can only do so if they have a folded bottom.


They can be printed on all sides, making them easy to brand. Gusset plastic bags tend to cost less than other options.


On the other hand, gusset plastic bags do not have zippers. Usually, they are closed by rolling or folding them and using tape or tin tape. While they're easy to close this way, it's important to remember that it's not as effective as a zipper, so coffee beans don't usually stay fresh for long.


Flat Bottom Gusset Bags


The flat bottom gusset bags are beautiful. Its square design makes it stand free from support, giving it a prominent shelf status. It has a modern look depending on the material.


Plus, with their side gussets, flat bottom gusset bags can hold more coffee in a smaller bag. This, in turn, makes storage and transport more efficient and better suited to the environment.


The only downside to flat bottom gusset bags is that they are more complicated to make, so they tend to be a bit more expensive. Some customers need to weigh the advantages of brand and freshness versus cost and decide if it's worth it.


Airtight Coffee Bags


Airtight coffee bags are vacuumed and sealed after they are filled with coffee. Due to the formation of carbon dioxide during roasting, this packaging can only be packaged after the coffee has been left for a period to degas. Coffee beans last longer than ground coffee. Low cost as no separation from the air is required during storage. Coffee in this packaging should be used up within 10 weeks.


Stand-up Bags


The stand-up coffee bag is very common in the market. This type of coffee bag tends to be less expensive than some other coffee bags.


This combination of low price and high quality makes stand-up bags a popular choice for small to medium-sized roasters.


The crotch at the bottom also allows the bag to stand on a shelf and has plenty of room for branding. Roasters can easily fill coffee from the top. The wide opening makes operation easy and efficient, helping it to proceed quickly and smoothly.




The above is the introduction of the four types of coffee bags. It is undeniable that quality coffee bags often reflect our attitude towards life. Our gusset plastic bags or flat-bottom gusset bags give you the best enjoyment. If you have any needs, please contact us.