How to Enhance the Charm of Pet Food Packaging

June 10,2022

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Food packaging rich in charm is a powerful persuasive force for consumers, which will not only bring profits to the company, but also bring achievements to the designer, while bringing convenience to consumers. How to design charming food packaging is the key place for product sales.


pet food bag for dog cat food packing plastic food


Grasp the packaging tonality


Tone comes from the art of music, in packaging generally refers to the positioning of style. For different food products, their packaging temperament style are very different, some subtle, some luxury, some simple, the designer can not be based on their own preferences to position the food packaging temperament good or bad, can only release personality and charm under the premise of tolerance, combined with product characteristics, market positioning and consumer psychology and other elements, set a general style.




The color, graphics and text in the packaging design reveal the charm, these elements are the embodiment of the charm value of the packaging, is an integral part. Packaging is visual, colorful, color in the transmission of charm while shaping the temperament of food packaging, for food generally use a sharp and rich hues, mainly warm colors, highlighting the freshness of food, nutrition and taste sensations.


In graphics, text and other elements to accurately reflect the information of the product, to seize the inherent characteristics of the food, study the aesthetic psychological needs of different consumers, grasp the design rules of formal beauty, color and shape unity mood and color harmony, to convey the charm of the package. Packaging design only with a new perspective and expressive power, efforts to highlight the image, truly human-centered design, in order to infect consumers and thus beat the market competitors.


Material, beauty and skill


After the designer determines the tone of the food, he or she must also skillfully match the material process with the characteristics of the food; the selection of materials should not only echo the product form and color, but also pay more attention to the consumer's experience.


The packaging materials themselves have different textures and texture, containing a certain visual charm, so as to meet the needs of different consumers. It should also fully study its performance and consider the color, transparency, surface gloss, and adaptability of printing of the material, so as to facilitate the effective display of the beauty of the packaging material when creating the charm of the packaging.


The new packaging process will bring consumers more technical imagination manifested in making them associate with the smell of food, ingredients, nutritional value, etc., giving a variety of aesthetic experiences.


Extending the value of packaging


The design of food packaging needs to develop in the direction of humanization. To give more value to the simple packaging, flexible use of design thinking to use the packaging at multiple levels, not only to enhance the added value of packaging, but also in line with the concept of green development, truly "multi-purpose".


In this link, designers give consumers direct design experience, and consumers enjoy the convenience brought by design. After the product is consumed, the food packaging can be placed in a specific environment, as a decorative furnishing to beautify the living environment, the user can taste the charm of the packaging, thus gaining unexpected spiritual enjoyment.


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