How to Keep the Coffee Fresh after Opening?

March 02,2022

Freshness is the life of coffee and can best express the coffee production process and baking technology. The main components of coffee include caffeine, tannin, fatty acids, protein, sugar, water, and other minerals. The proportion of each component is not the same for all kinds of coffee.


It will vary according to the type, preparation, storage method, and baking method. Fresh coffee is extremely sensitive to the storage environment. In recent years, experts strongly recommend the use of coffee bags with valves, which not only block the invasion of oxygen and discharge carbon dioxide but also greatly prolong the time of tasting fresh coffee.


coffee bag


Suitable for coffee storage


Put the coffee in a shady place that is not susceptible to moisture and direct sunlight. Be sure not to put it in the refrigerator to avoid absorbing moisture. Refrigeration or freezing is not ideal. Excessive shrinkage of fiber, condensation of benign oil, the peculiar smell in the refrigerator, and high-low temperature difference during extraction are all extremely easy to affect the flavor of the coffee.


Coffee beans and ground coffee can be frozen. The only thing to note is that when taking out coffee from the freezer, it is necessary to avoid the frozen part from melting and moisture the coffee in the bag.


Americans think coffee is better in the fridge. But it won't take more than a month. They took the coffee beans from the freezer and began to grind and boil them before thawing.


Packaging for coffee storage


Tin can keep the aroma of coffee for a long time. Plastic bags are OK, but they are less stored than tin cans. In foreign countries, coffee beans are sometimes sold in tin cans or plastic bags. Vacuum packaging is conducive to the storage of coffee and makes the original flavor more lasting.


However, in today's coffee market, Coffee Bag With Valves have been widely used to store coffee. The one-way exhaust valve is an accessory installed in the coffee bag. Its function is to discharge the carbon dioxide released by the coffee beans in the bag in time. At the same time, the outside air and pollutants cannot enter the bag.


Because carbon dioxide and oxygen will seriously affect the quality and taste of coffee beans, it is easy to lose the aroma of coffee beans or oxidize and deteriorate coffee beans.

Therefore, the packaging bag with a one-way exhaust valve can keep the coffee beans fresh for a long time and keep the original flavor of the coffee beans. Therefore, the one-way exhaust valve is the "right-hand man" of coffee and plays an indispensable role.


So, how to keep the coffee beans fresh after we open the coffee bag every time? Shantou Kaixuan Packaging Co. Ltd. tells you that once you open the tin foil-packed coffee bag and take out the amount you want, you should immediately seal the coffee bag and let the one-way exhaust valve continue to fully complete the exhaust work, to keep the coffee beans fresh for a long time.


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