How to Quickly Select Good Coffee from the Label of Coffee Bag?(1)

June 10,2022

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We often associate the freshness of food with its label. Coffee is the same. Generally, we can get a lot of information about coffee flavors from the label. Therefore, we can learn about coffee beans from the following aspects before buying coffee beans.


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Generally, you can get a lot of information about coffee flavors from the label. The common contents are as follows:


(1) Coffee varieties

(2) Coffee name

(3) Grade

(4) Production area

(5) Name of manor or treatment plant

(6) Country name

(7) Bake date

(8) Flavor description

(9) Specific brewing of coffee beans, etc


Coffee name, coffee processing method, and coffee flavor are the three most important pieces of information on the label. However, as a coffee Xiaobai, after reading pieces of the three information about coffee beans, there is still a feeling of confusion. Because the information introduced in the bean label is too simple, how should the beans be brewed?


At this time, you can get more detailed information about coffee beans from the label. Scanning the code to identify the QR code on the label can get the corresponding coffee bean information.


The QR code contains comprehensive information about beans: detailed information about beans (including an introduction to the production area, coffee cup test analysis, brewing flavor description, brewing parameter suggestions, etc.)


How can we interpret the origin, flavor, and other information of coffee beans to quickly find the coffee we want?


  1. Origin


On the Internet, some stores may use some coffee beans that do not come from the origin, such as blue mountain coffee, but the origin is not Jamaica. For example, there is only Colombia or Brazil on the bag, but no specific information about the manor. Generally, it is coffee beans from large producing areas. The coffee of origin also has commercial grade and high-quality grade, so it is not only Ethiopia or high-quality beans, It's better to be specific to the production area. Beans that can be traced back to their origin are usually not too bad. If you're not very picky, it's OK to taste beans from different origins.


  1. Packaging date (baking date)


In addition to the place of origin-related labels, the most common one is about the degree of baking. Raw coffee beans need to be roasted before they can release their unique and charming flavor. The roasting of coffee is closely related to its flavor. So when choosing coffee beans, remember to look at the baking date. Coffee beans reach the peak of their flavor about a week after baking. After a month, their flavor will plummet. Two months after the baking date, only the bitter taste is left in the coffee beans, and other rich flavors will disappear.


Freshly roasted coffee beans contain a large amount of gas and have strong respiration. During extraction, the gas in the beans is released. What we see is wonderful and full of bubbles. However, some lightly roasted beans have less obvious bubbles.


  1. Store and brand


Needless to say, some coffee may be mixed with other kinds of coffee to reduce costs. If cheaper coffee beans are mixed with more expensive coffee beans, or the same variety but poor quality coffee beans are mixed with high-quality coffee beans, it will seriously affect the taste. Therefore, when buying coffee beans, try to choose a guaranteed store or brand. The beans that are popular in China for home baking will be fresher than those bought in the supermarket. Choose a trusted coffee shop.


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