How to Quickly Select Good Coffee from the Label of Coffee Bag?(2)

June 10,2022

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Coffee is fruit. Yes, you are right! Coffee is a fruit! Green coffee beans are actually two seeds in a coffee fruit that looks like a cherry. After baking, they are coffee beans with deep color and full of aroma that we usually see. Through baking, green coffee beans can trigger caramelization reaction and Maillard reaction to generate complex and diverse aromatic compounds. After extraction, we can get a cup of coffee with an overflowing aroma.


Coffee Powder Packaging bag film


In addition, there are often many acronyms on the label. Here are some common acronyms:


W: Wash


N: Natural, natural solarization


DP: dry process, dry process


H: Honey, honey treatment


EP: European preparation, European standard. It is common in Central South America. It means that on the basis of raw bean grading, in order to meet the special requirements of some European raw bean traders, more strict manual sorting is carried out to make the defect rate meet the requirements of traders. Basically, raw beans that pay attention to quality will be selected manually, but they will not be marked with EP. Similarly, there are AP, American preparation American standards, and JP, Japanese preparation Japanese standards.


FTO:fairtrade&organic, fair trade certification, organic certification


FW: fully washed


ORG: organic, organic coffee


PE: peaberry, round bean.


RFA: rainforest alliance, rainforest certification.


SHB: strictly hard bean, very hard bean. Common in the grading of Chinese and American raw beans, such as Costa Rica


The highest grade is SHB very hard bean, which is planted above 1350m above sea level;


The second is HB durum, which is planted at an altitude of 1200m~1400m;


In addition, SH is a slightly hard bean, and the planting altitude is 1200m.


SHG: strictly high growth, similar to the SHB system, is classified based on the altitude of the origin. It is common in China and the United States, such as Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala.


SWP: swiss water process, a low cause coffee treatment method, Switzerland water treatment.


TP: triple picked, a three-level picking system, belongs to the grading system of raw beans, which is common in Sumatra, Indonesia. On the basis of Grade1, raw beans are repeatedly picked to eliminate defects. Correspondingly, there is double picked secondary picking.


UTZ: a kind of coffee certification, which covers fair trade, organic, environment-friendly, sustainable development, etc.


Coffee beans have obvious regional characteristics. Before buying, it is also important to understand the flavor of coffee beans. In fact, a lot of information about coffee beans will be displayed on the general label. When you understand the label, you can easily select the best coffee beans.


Choosing coffee packaging seems to be a small part of baking, but it has a significant impact on sales and the freshness of the coffee. Considering the above points will make you confident to make the right choice.


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