How to Solve the Problem of Aluminum Foil Bag Inflation?

June 10,2022

Coffee Bags Aluminum Foil Custom Printed

Products stored in aluminum foil bags generally have a short shelf life under natural conditions and need to rely on vacuum or aluminum foil bags to extend the shelf life. However, aluminum foil bags sometimes rise due to various reasons, so how to solve it?


Coffee Bags Aluminum Foil Custom Printed


Factors of aluminum foil bag


One of the important reasons for the expansion of aluminum foil bags is the quality problems.


The first is the tightness of the aluminum foil bag. Bag sealing is the last process of bag making. If the final edge is not sealed tightly, it will cause steam leakage of the food aluminum foil packaging bag, and gas may seep into the plastic packaging bag from the leakage position of the aluminum foil packaging bag, resulting in bag inflation.


For the bulged bag caused by this reason, the production parameters need to be adjusted during production to control the heat sealing strength. After the heat sealing is completed, the instrument should be used for detection. If bubbles are found to be exposed from the edge of the packaging bag, it means that there is air leakage and it needs to be restructured.

Secondly, because the aluminum foil bag has metal properties, it is easy to wrinkle during storage and use. Such wrinkles will lead to small holes in the bag, and the aluminum foil bag will leak air. Therefore, during storage and use, pay attention to the placement of aluminum foil bags to avoid folds.


Food spoilage


Another important factor for air leakage in food aluminum foil packaging bags is food deterioration. In the production process, if the food sterilization is not sufficient, or the aluminum foil bag is filled with liquid, long-term storage will lead to bacterial reproduction and gas generation, resulting in the expansion of the aluminum foil bag and the deterioration of the internal food.


An aluminum foil bag is a kind of packaging bag made by a machine by using the ductility of aluminum, so an aluminum foil bag is a non-toxic metal bag. Because the aluminum metal characteristics of aluminum foil bags are not active enough, they are not easy to react with general food, so they are non-toxic, but they can not be swallowed. Therefore, aluminum foil bags are generally used to package food, pharmaceutical industrial products, daily necessities, etc.


Specific functions of aluminum foil bag


It can be used for various circuit board packaging, such as 1. It can be used for electronic product packaging, such as IC integrated circuits; 2. It can be used for packaging precision machinery accessories, such as SMT patches; 3. It can be used in the packaging of consumer goods, such as lamp strips; 4. Used for all kinds of food packaging, such as milk, fresh, salted products, cand ooked food; 5. Used for packaging industrial products, such as auto parts.


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