Pet Food Packaging Design in the New Era

March 04,2022

People usually think that packaging design is an intuitive activity with artistic value, which is not the case. At least not for the target audience.


"Packaging" refers to the process of transmitting the product internally and externally to the buyer to stimulate their desire to buy. It is a process of transmitting information. Only when the information is clear and the focus is prominent, can people stop and stay.


pet food packaging


Importance of packaging design in pet food


Packaging design is a better process of conveying information. It needs to inspire people's enthusiasm and people's hands will reach into their pockets, but how can information be seen by customers through limited packaging? Businesses must spend a lot of effort to create visual messages and call on consumers to take action with the strongest and most attractive side. This is the role of packaging.


Therefore, we must carefully design each picture to increase our competitive advantage. We must know what elements help to move the hearts of consumers and sincerely convey clear intentions. If we can meet the above conditions, we can effectively make complex concepts clear at a glance, show the intangible advantages and distinctive characteristics of the product, and summon specific emotions or feelings in the hearts of potential buyers.


Among them, the yearning feelings include nostalgia, fun, company, and warmth. Because these feelings must be aroused in the shortest time, and the opportunity is usually only a fleeting glance, it is more effective to present them visually, with fewer words, but rich meanings.


Pet food packaging is also packaging, which is naturally very important. Pets are only responsible for lovely love and will not end up buying breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all kinds of snacks in person. Everything is done by their owners, so they can impress their owners.


As pet owners, they will not taste the food of cats and dogs, so the packaging of pet food is particularly important. Either high appearance value or unique enough. In short, we should hit the hearts of the owners at the first sight. Otherwise, how can we be interested in analyzing the internal beauty of food ingredients, nutritional value, and so on? Packaging is a process to stimulate the imagination of the viewer, and so is pet food packaging.


Selection of pet food packaging materials


Material is the language of packaging design, which is key. Pet food packaging is used to package pet food, and its quality directly affects the quality of pet food. Experts believe that "pet food bag will become the main beneficiary of the development trend of pet food packaging. It will grow at an annual rate of 8% and become the fastest-growing part of pet consumption".


At present, the common pet food packaging in the market includes plastic flexible packaging, composite plastic packaging, paper-plastic packaging, aluminum-plastic packaging, and tinplate packaging. Dry food and snacks are usually packaged in plastic materials, while wet food is more packaged in metal or aluminum.


In recent years, with the improvement of people's requirements for the convenience and weight of pet food packaging, the use of paper barrels, cups, and other packaging containers has increased. In the next days, they will continue to replace metal containers and become the main packaging material of wet grain. Such containers are not only convenient to open, but also safe, and can effectively prevent pet owners from being scratched by metal containers.


No matter what kind of packaging material, lightweight, easy to carry, environmental protection, and it is best to reuse are its core demands. Good pet food packaging products fully reflect environmental protection and non-toxic design. These packages usually have laser perforation, easy to open, hook and loop closed or opened and closed for many times, sealing chain connection, one-way exhaust valve, etc. In short, it should not only be convenient to use, but also ensure that the food does not deteriorate to the greatest extent, but also meet the demands of the new generation of pet people, which should be convenient, safe, beautiful, and environmental protection.


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