Pet Food Packaging Market: Top 3 Trends to 2022

June 10,2022

pet film Dog Food Packaging Bag

Packaging is playing a key role in the strong growth of the pet food industry, especially for premium branded products. Sustainable, personalized packaging design catches the eye of pet owners in the first place and is an important factor leading to orders.


Pet Dog Food Packaging Bag is a method of packaging in which pet food is accordingly stored and packed in various types of containers to protect the food from various contaminating factors and to maintain its nutritional value of the food.


pet film Dog Food Packaging Bag


We see Pet Dog Food Packaging Bag trends in 2022 centered around several aspects:


✅Sustainability in Pet Dog Food Packaging Bag


Sustainability continues to be an influential factor in consumer behavior when it comes to pets, with 75% of consumers saying they would feel more comfortable with brands that pack more sustainably. Consumers are increasingly interested in and even ensuring that the products they buy are produced in an ethical and sustainable manner. For pet food packaging, this means an increase in the use of biodegradable and recyclable materials.


The challenge for manufacturers is that sustainability often conflicts with other packaging trends. Not all environmentally friendly packaging materials offer the best quality, durability and food safety characteristics required by pet food manufacturers. One sustainable option that has proven most effective is recyclable plastic. Providing the same barrier properties as traditional paper and hybrid plastic pet food bags can meet the preservation requirements of manufacturers and the environmental requirements of customers, if not provide a better solution. In addition to improving the recyclability of packaging, successful brands are providing clear recycling instructions and encouraging end users to participate in recycling programs.


✅Pet Dog Food Packaging Bag functionality and convenience


Resealability, product freshness and ease of use are all factors to consider when choosing pet food packaging. Now, more than ever, pet owners are driving the pet food industry's need for convenience. In response, many successful pet food brands are adopting formats and features commonly used in the snack food industry, such as stand-up pouches, resealable zippers and tear cuts.


Reseal technology not only keeps pet food fresh, but it resonates well with consumers who want to use convenient features to reduce feeding times. Fifty percent of pet owners who purchase premium pet food say they would be upset if the package could not be resealed after opening. If the bag is damaged when opened, or if pet owners have difficulty resealing it between feedings, they risk compromising the freshness of the product. When developing packaging for pet food, brands must choose features that are reliable and convenient, such as easy to open and resealable.


The functionality and convenience of the packaging is also key to reflecting the usefulness of the product. For example, to make packaging more convenient for consumers, pet food processors have added more options such as pouches or multipacks.


✅The advanced nature of Pet Dog Food Packaging Bag


As the humanization of pets continues to spread, pet owners want their pets to eat as healthy as they do. According to statistics, more than 40% of pet owners buy premium pet food for their dogs and cats. As more and more brands launch premium pet food lines, these products require high-quality packaging to protect and preserve their ingredients.


Flexible packaging is one of the most widely used forms of packaging in the pet food packaging industry. It offers high barrier properties, temperature resistance and decent durability, all while being cost effective. High quality pet food ingredients require good barrier properties to maintain their nutritional and health benefits. Flexible packaging films extend the shelf life of pet foods by preventing the transfer of aroma, moisture and oxygen. Bags are equipped with reseal technology that also helps keep premium pet food at its freshest.


Eye-catching graphics, high-quality printing techniques and unique material finishes indicate to consumers that they are buying a quality product. Popular finishes that enhance purchasing options, such as paper feel varnishes, soft finish mattes, high gloss or spot registered varnishes, provide consumers with a visual and tactile experience and offer brand owners additional opportunities to stand out in the retail environment.


With the increased status of pets in the home, making many pet foods coveted by many businesses, pet foods will also have an increasing market space. Many businesses are also starting to make a big push on packaging to meet the emotional needs of pet owners and create pet food packaging that is up to date and in line with consumption.


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