Reasons for Using Kraft Paper Bags for Food Packaging

March 04,2022

Kraft paper, the raw material of kraft paper bags, is a tough, water-resistant packaging paper that is brownish-yellow. Due to its environmental protection and durable characteristics, it is widely used in cartons, handbags, color boxes, gift boxes, wine boxes, document bags, clothing tags and other fields. It has strong physical properties. Compared with ordinary paper bags, it is much higher than ordinary paper bags in terms of toughness, tensile strength, bursting strength, stiffness, and printing effect. Its color is favored by the public. It also has excellent moisture-proof performance. For tea collectors, its strong moisture-proof ability can prevent the tea from being damp and moldy.


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Why use kraft paper bags for food packaging?


With the improvement of living standards, environmental awareness has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Many products have been packaged with environmentally friendly materials. Of course, kraft paper naturally belongs to one of them! Because the brown color of kraft paper itself can give people a warm and nostalgic feeling, it is very popular.


The performance of brown paper bag food packaging is very superior, that has the advantages of moisture-proof and waterproof, oil-proof, low-temperature freezing resistance, and delayed insurance period. Compared with packaging materials such as plastic and glass, its cost is ten to twenty percent lower under the same barrier effect.


Food-grade kraft paper is usually made of pure wood pulp, which is safer than plastic packaging, and kraft paper packaging is recyclable and more environmentally friendly than plastic packaging. In addition, kraft paper packaging will quickly degrade in the soil even if it is piled up on the ground. Unlike plastic packaging that is not easily degradable, causing "white pollution" has a devastating impact on the soil and the environment.


What types of kraft paper bags are there?


✔️Multi-layer kraft paper bag: Use two or more layers of kraft paper for machine processing to make a bag, the bottom is sewn with polyester thread, and then heat-sealed with hot air paper.


✔️Paper-plastic composite bag: It also known as three-in-one kraft paper bag, the outer layer is kraft paper, the inner layer is a plastic PP woven bag, using EVA, PP, PE and other raw materials for high-temperature composite treatment, and the bottom is processed according to different types after completion.


✔️Square bottom open bag: It is basically the same as the multi-layer kraft paper bag. After the semi-finished product is made by the machine, the bottom is manually folded to make a square bottom, and the bottom is glued with glue, and then dried by hot air and drying.


✔️Square bottom valve bag: The basic production process of the square bottom open bag is basically the same. The valve bag treats the mouth and bottom in the same way, and adds a bell mouth to the mouth for filling materials.


Last few words


In general, kraft paper bags have become the general packaging for specialty products, snacks, and snack foods, and are becoming more and more popular. Choosing a custom-made kraft paper bag with an exclusive pattern can be applied to various occasions, which is the best publicity for the brand image of the product. Before the next shopping festival begins, hurry up and order some kraft tin tie bags or gusseted brown paper bags! It will give you unexpected surprises.