Some Information You Must Know About Barrier Pouches

March 03,2022

Packaging, especially plastic packaging, is ubiquitous in modern society these days. The rapid development of the packaging industry is due to its ability to protect and stabilize products over a long period, as well as to avoid product damage, contamination, and moisture. To achieve the best protection, flat barrier pouches will be the inevitable choice.


For the packaging industry, an understanding of various packaging bags is necessary. Today, in this blog, I will mainly introduce this new type of packaging bag - glossy stand-up barrier pouches.


The Generation of Flat Barrier Pouches

3Paper Pouches With Valve, Flat Barrier Pouches, Glossy Stand-Up Barrier Pouches


As early as more than 40 years ago, high-barrier technology has been produced. In the 1950s the United States had used extruded polyethylene film laminated to metal foil as a barrier packaging material. Also included are processing techniques on metal foil substrates. Therefore, it was believed that the high-barrier industry had been formed at that time.


The barrier pouches industry has been around for over 20 years. From the mid-1970s, many polymer groups began to put flat barrier pouches film materials on the market.


Meat food packaging is an early industry sector that uses stand-up barrier pouches packaging. As high-barrier technology was developed and perfected in this sector, other products such as fast food, cheese, and confectionery began to follow suit, especially in the new field of formulated fast food. Due to the low-fat content of such foods, the ability to maintain the original flavor is weakened.


Therefore, to maintain the original taste of low-fat and fat-free food, it is necessary to turn to plastic supply factories to provide high-quality barrier packaging to obtain a longer food preservation time.


The Application of Flat Barrier Pouches


Today, glossy stand-up barrier pouches are widely used in the food industry. Some scholars in Western countries have analyzed that the application of high-barrier packaging is more common in Europe and Japan than in the United States.


In Western Europe and Japan, consumers attach great importance to the quality of food, and the consumption of food is more social. In North America, there seems to be more emphasis on personalization, that is, they prefer hotter and fresher food.


The United States has long attached importance to the application of high-barrier materials. However, the United States also has many advanced methods introduced from other industrialized countries. Flat barrier pouches are also used in other fields, including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and the growing popularity of pet food.


An important reason for the rapid development of glossy stand-up barrier pouches is that the packaging prevents the spread of bacteria.


Many of these new types of packaging are also in development, some with some metal foil or sprayed metal layers for high barrier properties, and some with zippers or similar structures.


In the Future


Flat barrier pouches will develop rapidly and continue to improve, especially for the packaging of fresh fruits and vegetables, which will be an important area for the rapid development of the packaging industry.




In short, flat barrier pouches are taking a place in the packaging industry with their unique advantages. If you're looking to buy glossy stand-up barrier pouches or paper pouches with valves, we look forward to being your first choice.