Some Knowledge about Pet Bags

February 28,2022

It is obvious to all that the prospect of the pet food market is very good. Now, more and more young people have pets. This group of consumers buy food for pets, pay more and more attention to better quality, more attractive publicity and packaging, and pursue higher-end pet food.


A good product should be equipped with a good package. On the one hand, it reflects the grade of the product, on the other hand, it can attract the attention of consumers. Pet food bags reflect the value of the product to a great extent.


pet bags


What should we pay attention to in the production of pet bags?


  1. Printing


The first is appearance printing. Most of the external displays of pet bags will use the physical drawings of cats or dogs. It is necessary to print and display the fine hair on pets, which will test the quality of printing plate rollers and printing technology of printing plants.


Select a strong plate factory to process the printing layout and make plate rollers, and with experienced printing masters, the effect of finished products can reach the ideal state. Exquisite outer packaging displays will not only improve consumers' desire to buy but also improve the influence of the brand.


  1. Bag type


As daily consumables, pet products often use large packaging. The bag type is easy to open and store.


For example, the Dog Food Bag adopts the bag type of self-supporting zipper, which is in line with the characteristics of convenient multiple opening and beautiful placement; The larger three sides sealed bag is selected for the Cat Food Bag, which has large use and low cost.


  1. Material


Many pet products belong to heavy packaging, so we should choose materials with good toughness and heavy bearing;


Pets have a sensitive sense of smell. Pay attention to the control of smell in the selection of materials and processing process;


Similar to the packaging of pet food cans, materials that meet the processing processes such as high-temperature sterilization need to be selected. Common material combinations include: PA / / PE, PET / / PE, PA / / Al / / RCPP.


Functions of pet bags


There are also many essential functions of pet bags, such as temperature resistance regulations, shading regulations, shatterproof regulations, moisturizing and hydrating regulations, inspiratory regulations, nutritional deficiency regulations, etc.


The external function is mainly based on the packaging bag and surface packaging. The printing reflects the characteristics, characteristics, and brand image of food. It is a way of external image and main expression of products.


A good packaging bag can not only keep the nutritional elements, color, and taste of the food in the packaging bag unchanged as much as possible but also its health and safety and application safety are the keys.


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