Something You Should Know about Food Packaging

June 10,2022

kraft paper coffee bags wholesale

kraft paper coffee bags is an important part of food, which has the characteristics of protecting food from the breakage of foreign biological, chemical and physical factors and maintaining stable food quality. According to the difference of food packaging materials, food packaging can be divided into traditional food packaging and new food packaging. The more common new food packaging materials can be divided into biodegradable materials, edible materials, recyclable materials, nano materials, etc.

How to make kraft paper coffee bags more popular with consumers?


kraft paper coffee bags wholesale


✔️Create the charm of placement


The creation of kraft paper coffee bags charm exists not only independently in the individual but also through the interaction between consumers and packaging in a specific environment. Packaging display can use the display platform lighting, sales space, color matching, series of graphic backgrounds and other means to create a charming sales scene with food packaging.


This not only creates a good sensory atmosphere, establishes the emotional communication between goods and consumers, but also forms a good consumer experience, and improves the high-end image of food, promotes trust in the product, establishes a good brand image and mobilizes enthusiasm for buying.


✔️Communicate brand charm


Packaging design should not only have the ideal image of appearance, but also be able to fully create a brand image and convey the charm of food brand culture to consumers. Brand culture is established in the product and the consumer's mind bridge, packaging is the first link of consumers face the product, packaging image directly into the product image.


kraft paper coffee bags design needs to understand the consumer lifestyle on the basis of familiar with consumer psychology, shaping a distinctive brand image, constructing a unique brand culture charm, in order to make the new image of packaging in line with consumer taste, to obtain specific consumer favor.


Analysis of future trends in the food packaging industry


✔️Intelligent packaging form


Active packaging and intelligent packaging are two new types of packaging forms, which can make kraft paper coffee bags with functional characteristics that can not be obtained by traditional packaging, and meet the requirements of consumers for food quality and safety, which is the new concept of future food packaging design, but also the development trend of food packaging.


✔️Packaging material diversification


In recent years, in order to improve food safety and reduce environmental pollution, the use of natural polymer materials as raw materials for the preparation of environmentally friendly, biodegradable new packaging materials are receiving increasing attention. It is expected that in the future, recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging materials will become the main trend in the development of the packaging industry, green kraft paper coffee bags materials and nano-packaging materials will be vigorously developed and developed.


✔️Creative packaging is more popular


Along with the post-00s into the university campus, the pattern of the consumer market has quietly changed. On the one hand, young consumers' demands for product function and appearance are significantly different from those of their parents: a large number of Netflix products have seized the dividends of the value economy with their eye-catching packaging, while customized and co-branded kraft paper coffee bags has become the first choice for many food innovations.


On the other hand, young consumers are significantly more receptive to online consumption, and compared to traditional retail formats, e-commerce has higher requirements for packaging standardization and durability. Compared to offline supermarkets, which rely more on plastic packaging, various specifications of pre-planned cartons are widely used by e-commerce platforms to meet the needs of logistics assembly.


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