The Classification of Pet Food Bag Packaging Bags

June 10,2022

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Pet food bags / pet food packaging bags in daily life can often be seen, with people's love for pets more and more attention, the pet food packaging industry has also ushered in a certain amount of development, pet food packaging bags styles and categories are more and more.


Pet food bags / pet food packaging bags are used to package a variety of pet food, its quality directly affects the quality of pet food, quality pet food packaging products are fully reflected in the environmental protection and non-toxic aspects. In today's increasingly important pet, the design of pet food packaging products become particularly important.


wholesale Printing ziplock waterproof pet food bag


Classification of pet food bags packaging bags


Now major manufacturers specializing in the production of various types of pet food bags, the combination of various materials distribution, it seems that different types of pet food types, the size and weight of each package, the bag type of packaging, pet food manufacturers on the bag inspection requirements, pet food processing food handling methods, pet food packaging after the shelf life requirements, pet food bag design requirements, etc., a variety of information combined together, analysis The most reasonable value of the composite structure is selected by the combination of information, analysis, and balance. In addition to material selection, printing collaboration, additional designs such as multiple closure zipper, slider zipper, one-way exhaust valve, slanted mouth tube, etc. can help strengthen the maximum value of pet food packaging bags.


Pet food bag packaging bag type: flat bottom bags, four side seal bags, stand-up bags, one-piece bags, back seal bags, etc.


Promoting pet product packaging convenience and sustainability


✔️Signing sustainability agreements


The first challenge in developing packaging products that meet these specific requirements is to define a broad concept, such as sustainability.


Sustainability has become a new focus in the pet food sector, and most companies want a sustainable solution, but not everyone is clear on what a sustainable solution should look like. In an effort to narrow the definition of sustainable packaging, the pet food industry has largely decided to focus on recyclability and renewable resins.


As technology, recycling streams and costs have improved, brand owners have begun to take notice. For pet food bags, many companies are beginning to consider resins used after consumer purchase or 100% recyclable products sent through stores. As consumers become more educated, they are not only interested in what is good for their pets, but what is also good for the environment.


✔️Enhanced printing, convenience and pre-digitization


Appearance is also important, and consumers are more likely to notice eye-catching packaging.


Packaging is often considered the first impression of the product being sold, whether it's on the shelf or online, and brands are spending more time on making packaging with more beautiful and convenient features, such as resealable components, product windows or materials that extend shelf life.


In conclusion


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