The Differences Between Food Grade Kraft Paper Bags And Ordinary Kraft Paper Bags.

March 02,2022

For cooked food, beverage, dry goods, tea and other food, it is always easy to find kraft paper packaging bags. However, it is known that ordinary white kraft paper can not be used for food packaging, only food grade brown paper bags can be used for food packaging. The fluorescent agent content of common grade white kraft paper often exceeds, and the harm to human body is very serious, so it cannot be used at food packaging.


Below we are going to share some some distinction methods and use standards of food grade and ordinary grade white kraft paper.

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Methods To Distinct The Food Grade And Ordinary Kraft Paper Bags


There are four methods to distinct the food grade kraft paper bags and ordinary kraft paper bags.




Food grade white kraft paper often add a very small amount of bleach, while ordinary grade white kraft paper add more bleach that exceed the food grade standard in order to pursue beauty. So, the ordinary kraft paper bags look super white, giving people a a feeling of beauty. And this is the reason of why the whiteness of food grade white kraft paper is often low, and it even looks yellow. Therefore, when you choose the food grade white kraft paper, whiteness is a very important reference standard, and it is also the most simple way. If the paper is so white, there is no doubt that it is not food grade kraft paper bags.


Ash Control


The control of food grade white kraft paper production is very strict, and indicators in all aspects are strictly in accordance with the requirements of food grade configuration, so the ash content of food grade white kraft paper is controlled at a very low level. However, in order to reduce the cost, the ash content of common grade white kraft paper is much higher. 


The Test Report


According to the requirements of food grade packaging materials in China, food grade white kraft paper must pass QS detection. If it is food grade white kraft paper, there is a test report. And if it is not food grade, there is no test report.




The price is not absolute, but it is also a very important reference standard. The price of food grade white kraft paper is usually more than 9000 yuan/ton in China, and the ordinary grade is usually about 7500 yuan/ton. If the price of white kraft paper is very low, it goes without saying that it is ordinary grade.


Advantages Of Food Grade Kraft Paper Bags


Excellent Performance


The performance of food grade kraft paper is very superior. Compared with ordinary paper bags, it is far superior to ordinary paper bags in toughness, tensile force, rupture resistance, stiffness and printing effect. And with excellent moisture-proof performance, it can effectively avoid tea damp and mildew deterioration. In addition, it also has the advantages of waterproof, oil-proof, cryogenic freezing resistance and delayed shelf life.


Environmentally Friendly


Food-grade kraft paper is usually made from pure wood pulp and can be recycled. In addition, the brown paper bags are quickly degraded in the soil even if they are deposited on the ground. In recent years, the concept of environmental protection is increasingly in-depth, which makes kraft paper bag has been further developed, and now well-known brands at home and abroad have begun to promote the use of kraft paper bag, which also makes kraft paper bag has been rapidly developed.


In Conclusion


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