The Origin of Kraft Paper Bags

March 02,2022

Back in the 19th century, before large-scale retailing was born, people used to buy all their everyday items from a grocery store near where they worked or lived. After those daily necessities are packed in wooden barrels, cloth bags or wooden boxes and shipped to grocery stores in bulk, how to sell them scattered to consumers is a headache.


People can only go out shopping with baskets or homemade burlap bags. At that time, the raw materials for papermaking were still jute fibers and old linen heads, which were of poor quality and scarce in quantity, and could not even meet the needs of newspaper printing.


The development of shopping bags


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Around 1844, the German Friedrich Kohler invented wood pulp papermaking, which greatly promoted the development of the paper industry and indirectly gave birth to the first commercial paper bag in history.


In 1852, American botanist Francis Waller invented the first paper bag making machine, which was subsequently extended to France, Britain and other European countries. Later, the birth of plywood paper bags and the advancement of paper bag sewing technology made the cotton bags used for bulk cargo transportation in the past to be replaced by paper bags.


Who invented brown paper bags?


When it comes to the first shopping kraft paper bag, it was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA in 1908. To boost sales, Walter Duviner, a local grocer, started looking for ways to get consumers to buy more at once.


Duvina believes that it should be a prefabricated bag that is inexpensive and easy to use, and can hold at least about 75 pounds. After trial and error, he locked the texture of the bag on kraft paper because it was pulped from conifers with longer wood fibers, treated with milder chemicals such as caustic soda and sulfide alkali during cooking, making the original strength of wood fibers is less damaged, so the final paper produced has tight connections between fibers, and the paper is tough and can withstand greater tension and pressure without breaking.


Four years later, the first kraft paper bag for shopping was born. It has a rectangular bottom and has a larger volume than traditional V-bottom paper bags. A rope runs through its bottom and sides to increase its load-bearing capacity, and two pull loops are formed on the upper end of the paper bag for people to carry. Duviner named the shopping bag after himself and patented it in 1915. At this time, the annual sales of such shopping bags have exceeded 100 million.


The Status Quo of Kraft Paper Bags


With the development of society, the image of kraft paper bags has become more and more diversified, including mini kraft paper bags, which can print various patterns on the surface, which can also promote and advertise free for enterprises. More importantly, it is green and environmentally friendly and can be used multiple times.


In conclusion


The emergence of kraft paper bags largely facilitate our lives. If you want to buy the cheapest kraft paper bags, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to serve you.