Types of Sealing Film

March 04,2022

The six common material types of sealing film are ES film, AP film, PP film, PE film, paper film, and aluminum foil sealing film.


Each sealing film has different properties and applicable cup materials. Then, as the leading 2000 Cups Plastic Film 1 Roll exporter, we’ll introduce the characteristics of these materials.


sealing film


Type 1 of sealing film: ES (easy to tear / easy to seal adhesive) film


The sealing effect is good. It is suitable for styrofoam cups, paper cups, and plastic cups. Its characteristic is that it can be easily torn up, so it is also called easy tear film. Its advantage is that after the sealing film of the cup is torn up, the cup can be reused several times, but the disadvantage is that its viscosity is relatively ordinary. For drinks with acid or temperature above 50 degrees, It may not be sealed, so it is recommended to seal cold drinks.


Es sealing film can be applied to PE cup, PP cup, PS cup, Styrofoam cup, and paper cup.


Type 2 of the sealing film: PP (polypropylene plastic) film


It has high heat resistance, and the continuous service temperature can reach 110-120 ℃. It is the best sealing material for the PP cup. The heating is fully integrated and the sealing effect is tight.


PP sealing film can only be applied to PP cups.


Type 3 of the sealing film: PE (polyethylene plastic) general film


PE film has good weather resistance and stable adhesion, good tear, and no residue, and its long-term quality is stable.


PE sealing film is only applicable to paper cups.


PE universal sealing film can be applied to paper cups, PE cups, and some PP cups (to be tested).


Type 4 of the sealing film: AP film


The special film of paper cups and the plastic cup has better adhesion than easy tear film, and the plastic cup sealed with more PP content is not easy to tear.


AP sealing film can be applied to the PP cups and paper cups.


Type 5 of the sealing film: paper film


There is a layer of paper on it, and the material below is ES film.


The paper sealing film can be applied to a paper cup and a PP cup.


Type 6 of the sealing film: aluminum foil sealing film


The function of aluminum foil sealing film:


  1. Aluminum foil sealing film can quickly and effectively seal the test vessels, waterproof and moisture-proof. Aluminum foil sealing film can effectively prevent sample volatilization and pollution.


  1. The aluminum foil sealing film can be folded and applied repeatedly, and will not be torn when wound on sharp objects.


  1. Aluminum foil sealing film can effectively protect anhydrous substances.


  1. The flexibility and softness of aluminum foil sealing film increase with the decrease of temperature.


  1. The aluminum foil sealing film has good toughness and can be stretched nearly twice the length at 21 degrees. Now the hidden rule of food packaging is that the yogurt aluminum foil sealing film can not be torn open.
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