Uncover the Secret of Coffee Bag

June 10,2022

5 lb 10 lb coffee bags with valve

As the concept of fine coffee has become more and more popular, many people have begun to learn to buy coffee beans, grind them, and make them by hand. I wonder if you have noticed that there are many mysterious letters on the coffee bag? What do they mean? Today, let's uncover the secrets!


5 10 lb coffee bags with valve


N/md/d - roasting degree of coffee beans


M=medium medium bake


Md=medium dark medium-deep bake


D=dark deep bake


How does the degree of roasting affect the taste of coffee?


As the roasting degree increases, the coffee will become less sour and more bitter. Therefore, roasting technology can determine the taste of coffee beans to a certain extent.


Coffee baking history


At first, raw coffee beans were brewed without roasting. The roasting of coffee beans began around the 15th century. When people first started baking coffee beans, baking beans was still the responsibility of housewives. In the 19th century, a factory specialized in baking coffee beans was slowly formed.


E/p/f - coffee bean extraction method


E=espresso espresso machine


P=plunger French filter press


F=filter filter drip or hand washing kettle


What do the name and brand on the coffee bag represent respectively?


Place name of national famous products: it indicates the production area of coffee. For example, "Ethiopia Harare" indicates that the product is produced in Harare, Ethiopia. It should be noted here that the quality of coffee varies with the same country name but different regions and years, and the taste of coffee cannot be guaranteed to be consistent.


Port of export: indicates the port of export of coffee. Coffee of the same origin and brand shall be delivered at the same export port. For example, "Brazil Santos" indicates that the goods are shipped from Santos port. But "MOGA" is an exception, because more than one port is named after "MOGA". For example, "MOGA mandarin" and "haralmoga".


Original species name/variety name: coffee that is limited to Arab exports and is easy to confuse the original species name with the country name. When exporting Arabian and Robusta coffee, the original species name shall be indicated under the country name. For example, "Cameroon Arab", "Uganda robusta", etc.


Mountain Name: such famous brands as blue mountain (Jamaica), Chaya mountain (Indonesia), Cuvier mountain (Costa Rica), kulistar mountain (Cuba), Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), and Mount Hagen (Papua New Guinea).


Grade / Brand:


The standards set by each country are as follows:


  • Water wash / nonwater wash


  • Flat bean/round bean


  • Filter


The size of beans has little to do with their quality. It mainly depends on whether the size of raw beans is neat and consistent.


  • Classification by the altitude of origin


Generally, the coffee beans produced in high-altitude areas are of better quality than those produced in low-altitude areas. With the handling fee, the price is higher.


  • Quality standard


According to the type and quantity of substandard beans mixed in a certain amount of samples, the number of insufficient points is converted to reflect the quality of coffee beans. Brazil, Ethiopia, Cuba, and other countries have established the benchmark for the number of points owned. Of course, the smaller the number of points owed, the better the quality of coffee.


  • Tasting


Brazil, Haiti, Kenya, Congo, and other places, have their evaluation standards, and they can be exported only after they are qualified.


  • Name of operating exporter


Indicate the name of the ship carrying coffee or operating exporter.


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