Various Types of Zipper Bag Packaging

March 03,2022

With the improvement of the quality of life, people pay more and more attention to the packaging of food. Nowadays, a new type of packaging- zip bag packaging - is favored by the majority of users. Why is this product so popular? What are its outstanding advantages? Today this blog will give you a comprehensive introduction.


According to its material, zip bag packaging can be divided into three categories: kraft paper zipper bags, frosted zipper bags, and self-supporting zipper bag packaging. Each has its characteristics and advantages.


Kraft Paper Zipper Bags

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Kraft paper zipper bag is one of the most popular environmentally friendly packaging materials in the world. In addition, the kraft paper zip lock bag is also an environmentally friendly packaging bag, which is very versatile.


  • The benefits of Kraft paper zipper bag


The unique beauty of the kraft paper zip lock bag quickly made it a new favorite in the food industry. It brings more than 40% more profit than ordinary plastic bag packaging products. It is precisely because the product has more visual impact and a beautiful appearance, which gives higher prices to enterprise products and generates better profits.


In addition, our kraft paper zip lock bag can be made into stock in various sizes, and can also be customized with various LOGO patterns to meet the different needs of different users.


Frosted Zipper Bags


The frosted zipper bags produced now are in full compliance with the requirements of harmless, pollution-free, and environmental protection from development, processing, use, and final recycling. This product is not only truly environmentally friendly, but also serves consumers with low prices, good quality appearance, and excellent quality.


  • The advantages of frosted zipper bag packaging


✔️ Economical and Environmentally Friendly


frosted zipper bags can reduce the waste of resources. It uses much less plastic material than rigid container packaging. This method reduces unnecessary material waste and is a very economical choice.


In addition, it is an environmentally friendly plastic bag. As a mid-to-high-end product packaging product, from the selection of raw materials to the processing and production, it is in line with the national environmental protection mark.


✔️ Protect items


Frosted zipper bags can protect goods well from external factors. It is suitable for middle and high-end product inner packaging.


Self-supporting Zipper Bag Packaging


Self-supporting zipper bag packaging mainly has the following characteristics.


  • The features of self-supporting zipper bag packaging


1️⃣ Improve aesthetics


How to display your products faster and more comprehensively on crowded shelves? In addition to the need for more investment in product packaging design, the advantages of using self-supporting zipper bag packaging are very obvious. The product can stand on the shelf, and most of the appearance of the entire product is more intuitively displayed in front of consumers, effectively improving their desire to buy.


2️⃣ Smaller footprint


On the same shelf, self-supporting zipper bags can be placed more and more neatly. It is also more convenient for consumers to take.


3️⃣ Reusable


Once the ordinary plastic packaging bag is opened, it cannot be resealed. But the self-supporting zipper bag solves this problem. Consumers can easily re-seal the product, which is convenient for storing the product.


For some products that need to be kept sealed at all times, the use of zipper bags is almost a must.


4️⃣ Beautifully printed


It should be reminded that when customizing a self-supporting zipper bag, the most important thing to focus on is the quality of the zipper bag.


The above are the advantages of different types of zipper bags. If you want to buy zip bag packaging or kraft paper ziplock bag, welcome to contact us.