What Are The Different Types Of Kraft Paper?

March 02,2022

Kraft paper, I believe, most people are not strange to it. It has been widely used in food packaging industry for many years. Whether consumers or suppliers, both are like kraft paper packaging bags. As a matter of fact, the kraft paper does not only applied in food packaging, it has a lot of other applications.


In this paper, we will introduce the six different types of kraft papers and different purposes of them.


Types Of Kraft Paper


Original natural kraft paper


Original natural kraft paper is the bombshell of the paper world. Its durable fiber content and low cost make it ideal for heavy duty applications requiring high levels of tear resistance. In addition, it is well suited for printing, therefore it is an ideal choice  for brand packaging and protective layering, packaging, pallet interleaving, bearing plates and liners.


recycleable kraft paper.png


Naturally recycled kraft paper


Although it is not as strong and tear resistant as original natural kraft paper, naturally recycled kraft paper is a more environmentally friendly option and still has enough strength to perform well in cushion and voit-filling applications, such as lining trays and boxes, interleavers, and bottom packaging for newspapers. The original natural kraft paper and naturally recycled kraft paper comes in standard weights from 30# to 70#.


black kraft paper.png


Black kraft paper


Black kraft paper is most commonly used as a dark, durable backing for photo frames, but that's not its only use. Black kraft paper is also great for fun and interesting craft projects, or as a unique decorative aid where light barriers and dark borders are required.


colored kraft paper.png


Coloured kraft paper


Colored kraft paper comes in almost every color of the rainbow. Its vibrant hues make it ideal for a variety of craft projects, as well as fun backing for bulletin boards, standard school supplies, scrapbooks, and similar applications. If your target market includes schools, nurseries or busy parents, colored kraft paper should be on your list.


white kraft paper.png


White or bleached kraft paper


Similar to the strength and durability of raw natural kraft paper, white or bleached kraft paper can have a particularly powerful effect when a clear, clean appearance is required. For example, many restaurants like to use white brown paper as an attractive and economical alternative to linen tablecloths. It also works well for packaging and can withstand the standard wear and tear that packaging can be subjected to.


Printed kraft paper


Many different industries take advantage of the versatility and value of custom printed kraft paper to create branded packaging, packaging and in-store displays. For example, a deli might order brown paper suitable for wrapping sandwiches and have the deli logo and contact information on the side as an affordable way to continue advertising. Many fashion manufacturers put their garments in printed brown paper sleeves or between pieces, or wrapped inside shoe boxes, again highlighting the brand logo and other information.


Other Types Of Kraft Papers


Of course, the above are not the only types of kraft paper, there are many other kinds of kraft papers according to different standards.


In terms of materials, the kraft papers can be divided into pure kraft paper bag, paper aluminum composite kraft paper bag (kraft paper composite aluminum foil), woven bag composite kraft paper bag (generally larger bag type).


According to the appearance of the bag, it can be divided into valve bag, square bottom bag, seam bottom bag, heat sealing pocket, heat sealing square bottom bag.


In Conclusion


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