What Should We Pay Attention To When Choosing Coffee Bags?

March 03,2022

Coffee, like tea, is our favorite drink. Having a cup of coffee in the morning has become a daily necessity for many people. But some people will think that the coffee in the coffee shop is too expensive and want to brew or grind coffee by hand.


At present, the terminal sales forms of coffee on the market are mainly powder and beans. Generally, raw beans and raw bean powder have glass bottles, metal cans, and vacuum bags, which need to be sealed and packaged. A few low-end use plastic bottles. Instant coffee powder is one of the most widely accepted, and the most common form of packaging bag is plastic bag packaging.


Then, how should we choose the coffee bag? As the leading Framed Coffee Bag supplier, we'll tell you the answer.


coffee bags


There are rules for the design of coffee bags


The color of coffee packaging bags also has certain rules. According to the practice formed in the industry, the color of finished coffee packaging reflects the characteristics of coffee to a certain extent: the coffee packaged in red generally has a thick taste. Black packaged coffee belongs to high-quality niche coffee. The golden packaged coffee symbolizes wealth and shows that it is the best coffee. Caffeine-free coffee is generally packaged in blue.


This is general stress, but when customizing the finished coffee packaging bag, we should follow the principle of exquisite and high-grade, in line with the positioning of the coffee itself.


Common types of coffee bags


There are usually four common types of coffee bags: self-supporting bag, side-folding bag, square sealing bag, and box bag / flat bottom bag. These bags have a large capacity and generally use sealing strips or zippers to meet the convenience of secondary use.


Coffee powder is usually packed in strips. This kind of packaging is very convenient and easy to carry. At the same time, it is easy to tear. It has a large drop in the cup and is easy to throw clean.


Technical performance requirements for coffee bags


The coffee packaging bag needs to be sealed to ensure the freshness of the coffee. Coffee is very sensitive to external influence, so the selection of materials is particularly important.


The easy tear film coffee bag produced by Shantou Kaixuan Packaging Co. Ltd. is composed of OPP matte, pet, pure aluminum, and PE. Its characteristics are excellent composite fastness, low tear strength, ease to tear in both vertical and horizontal directions after bag making, low opening temperature, suitable for high-speed automatic packaging, and avoiding the interference of oxygen, ultraviolet, and other factors.


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