What are the Differences between Aluminum Foil Bags and Vacuum Bags?

June 10,2022

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Aluminum foil bags are more and more widely used in food packaging. Aluminum foil bags are bags containing aluminum foil in composite materials. Aluminum foil bags are widely used, which is related to the material characteristics of the aluminum foil itself. According to the unique physical properties of aluminum, the aluminum foil bag is light, shiny, and has a strong reflection ability. It can be used as heatproof and insulating packaging. It has good barrier properties, is impervious to gas and water vapor, has strong adaptability to temperature, has a stable shape at high or low temperature, and has excellent shading and fragrance retention. The aluminum foil bag is made by multi-layer lamination with other high-barrier materials. It has the functions of good moisture resistance, barrier, light protection, permeability resistance, and a beautiful appearance. It can be vacuum-packed.


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Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum foil packaging bag


The biggest advantage of the aluminum foil in the aluminum foil bag is that it can block oxygen and moisture very well. The water permeability and oxygen permeability are both 1. It is a good barrier material. In addition, the aluminum foil in the aluminum foil bag has good heat resistance, good light reflection and gloss, and good shape at high and low temperatures. It is suitable for high-temperature cooking and can withstand up to 125 ℃.


However, as the material itself, the aluminum foil in the aluminum foil bag also has its own limitations. First of all, the biggest disadvantage of aluminum foil is that it is very brittle and easy to break. It is difficult to compound.


Secondly, the biggest disadvantage of aluminum foil is its poor acid resistance, so it is generally not placed in the sealing layer near the inside when packaging fruit juice or acidic products, so as to ensure that it will not be penetrated by acid and leave the layer. Moreover, it has no heat sealing property and cannot be used as the innermost layer of the composite bag. Based on the above material characteristics, the aluminum foil in the aluminum foil bag can only be used as the middle layer material of the bag.


What are the differences between aluminum foil bags and vacuum bags?


As a popular product in the flexible packaging industry, vacuum packaging bags are used by various food, catering, electronics, chemical, and other industries for vacuum packaging. The reason is that vacuum packaging bags can prolong the shelf life and safety guarantee of products longer than ordinary plastic packaging bags. There are two common types of vacuum packaging bags: transparent vacuum packaging bags and aluminum foil vacuum packaging bags. Which one should I choose? Next, we will give a brief description of the material characteristics and performance characteristics of the two, so that you can see them at a glance when selecting.


  1. Material:


  • The materials of aluminum foil vacuum packaging bags are: pet/al/pe, pa/pet/al/pe, pet/al/ cooking CPP.


Performance characteristics: good performance, no transparent effect, high-temperature resistance, can be used as high-temperature cooking aluminum foil bag, generally have certain requirements for moisture-proof and waterproof, it is recommended to buy this bag.


  • The material of transparent vacuum packaging bag is: NY/pe or pet/pe, pet/ cooking CPP

Performance characteristics: it has a good transparent effect and can display products well. It is commonly used in the food industry (packaging vegetables, bacon, dried tofu, chickens, ducks, geese, and other poultry).


  1. Price:


Vacuum packaging bags made of aluminum foil are more expensive than transparent vacuum packaging bags. Two types of bags with the same specification and thickness, for example, transparent vacuum packaging bags cost 1-20 cents, and aluminum foil vacuum packaging bags may cost about 2-3 cents. The price also changes with the price of raw materials. The vacuum packaging bag should be selected according to the actual requirements of the product. The best packaging bag is to find the packaging bag that conforms to your own product.


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