Why Are Kraft Paper Coffee Bags So Popular?

March 04,2022

Box Bottom Kraft Paper Coffee Bags With Tin Tie Val Suppliers

We may have noticed that most coffee manufacturers prefer to use kraft paper bags. Then, why the kraft paper bag is so popular in coffee industry?


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Reasons Of Why Kraft Paper Coffee Bags Become So Popular


Excellent Performance


As a packing material, kraft paper is of high strength. It is usually yellow-brown, its biggest advantage is low production cost, and often do not need to film, very cost-effective.


So what's the difference between kraft paper and regular paper? Why is it stronger than regular paper? Actually go up in making method, kraft paper and general paper do not have much difference. Basically be kraft paper is to choose longer wood fiber on material, and will treat wood with caustic soda and chemical drugs of sulphide alkali.


The advantage of this is to moderate the chemical action of the material, so that the original strength of the wood fiber is less damaged. So the kraft paper made from this pulp, the fibers are closely attached to each other, so the kraft paper is very strong.


In addition, compared to bleached white paper, the natural brown appearance of primary kraft paper has a healthy, retro appeal. And the natural brown kraft paper packaging looks warm, nostalgic, a pastoral style, used as a packaging material is a unique charm.




For food packaging materials, its primary function is to provide convenience, and practical. At this point, the strength of kraft paper gives it an absolute advantage, only a strong enough outer packaging can keep the food. Of course, in liquid food packaging, kraft paper because it can remain unchanged in a humid environment, so it can prevent the outflow of liquid food, better play the role of packaging.


In addition, for frozen food packaging materials, kraft paper can also meet the requirements. Compared with other foods, the temperature of frozen food varies greatly, and strength is the main factor to be considered for frozen food. In terms of strength, kraft paper is obviously better than homogenous bleached kraft paper.


To give you a few examples of kraft paper is widely used, people to eat KFC or McDonald's, you can see the shadow of the kraft paper, general packaging bag is made of kraft paper, usually this kind of packaging kraft paper, kraft paper, low weight, adopts full wood pulp manufacturing, food grade standard, waterproof and oil proof effect is very good.


Not only such, kraft paper also has original effect to the deposit of tea, tea has been wrapped with thin kraft paper, tie tight, stratified ring row at tea pot all around, still can prevent tea to become damp. When storing wild vegetables in the refrigerator, wrap them in brown paper to prevent bacterial growth. Additional, as a result of kraft paper water absorption is stronger, the wild vegetable that wraps with kraft paper can prevent the loss of moisture and nutrition.


In fact, kraft paper is just as popular on the phone's packaging. For example, at present, the most classic xiaomi mobile phone box, which uses high weight kraft paper packaging, special color, and very high break resistance, made of kraft paper packaging box can be very good protection of mobile phones in the way of transport not to be damaged.


Other Additional Parts


Tin Tie


Coffee kraft paper bags with tin-tie can keep your coffee stay fresh for a longer time and extend the shelf life. Tin tie coffee bags can keep anything out that could cause the coffee powder or coffee beans to spoil or lose their flavor, such as airborne debris,water, oxygen and others.




The box bottom kraft paper coffee bags with valve is also called coffee air valve bag. After roasting, the coffee beans will continue to emit carbon dioxide gas for a long period of time and the volume is also relatively large. If you use a packaging bag with a strong sealing performance, these carbon dioxide gases cannot be discharged, and the phenomenon of bursting will occur. The coffee bags with valve are more conducive to the discharge of these gases.


In Conclusion


The kraft paper coffee bags with tin tie and valve can keep coffee stay a longer fresh time and extend the shelf life of coffee. If you are looking for them, you can find them in Shantou Kaixuan Packaging Co. Ltd. It is a professional kraft paper coffee bags supplier.