Why Kraft Paper Bag Becomes So Popular?

March 01,2022

With the idea of environmental protection rooted deeply in people’s mind, the Kraft paper bag is more and more popular. Hence, more and more Kraft paper bag wholesalers began to devote themselves to the production and sales of Kraft paper bags. In this paper, we will talk bout the reasons of why Kraft paper bags become so popular.




What Is Kraft Paper Bag?


Brown paper bags are non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, in line with the national environmental standards. It is one of the most popular environmental packaging materials in the world. It has the excellent performance of high strength and high environmental protection. Kraft paper bags made of brown paper have been more and more widely used. Generally, there are brown paper bags to supply in supermarkets, shopping malls, shoe stores, clothing stores and other places to be convenient for customers to carry their goods.


Why Kraft Paper Bag Is So Popular?


Low Production Cost


As a packing material, Kraft paper is of high strength and is usually tan in color. Its biggest advantage is low production cost, and often do not need to film. So it is very cost-effective. So, what's the difference between Kraft paper and regular paper? Why is it stronger than regular paper? Actually, Kraft paper is not much different from ordinary paper in the way it is made. The difference is that kraft paper uses longer wood fibers in its selection and treats the wood with caustic soda and alkali sulfide chemicals. The advantage of this is to moderate the chemical action of the material, so that the original strength of the wood fiber is less damaged. So the kraft paper made from this pulp, the fibers are closely attached to each other, so the kraft paper is very strong.


In addition, compared to bleached white paper, the natural brown appearance of primary kraft paper has a healthy, retro appeal. And the natural brown of kraft paper makes the brown paper bag look warm, nostalgic and pastoral, which is used as a packaging material and has a special charm. In the retro trend is becoming more and more fierce today, it is reasonable that the brown paper bag is favored.




The second reason of why kraft paper bags are favored is their practicality. For food packaging materials, its primary function is to provide convenience. At this point, the strength of kraft paper gives it an absolute advantage, only a strong enough outer packaging can keep the food. Of course, for liquid food packaging, kraft paper can remain unchanged in a humid environment, so it can prevent the outflow of liquid food. In addition, for frozen food packaging materials, brown paper bags can also meet the requirements. Compared with other foods, the temperature of frozen food varies greatly, and strength is the main factor to be considered for frozen food. In terms of strength, kraft paper is obviously better than homogenous bleached kraft paper.


Environmentally Friendly


Now the big Kraft paper manufacturer uses forest pulp integration to produce commonly, that is replant these trees that will be cut in the forest through scientific management to ensure the ecology does not suffer destructive damage, and take the road of sustainable development. And with the continuous development of science and technology, the waste water produced by the production process of kraft paper needs to be treated to reach the national discharge standard before it is allowed to discharge.  


In addition, kraft paper packaging is 100% recycled, which is superior to other packaging material to this point. Even when it is not recycled, kraft paper degrades quickly in the soil. Unlike Kraft paper, plastic packaging is difficult to degrade, and it has a devastating impact on soil and the environment.


By contrast, it is not hard to see that brown paper bags are better than plastic ones in environmental protection. With more and more attention is paid to environmental protection, an environmentally friendly kraft bag has become the first choice of more and more manufacturers. If you also want to make a contribution to environmental protection, might as well take the brown paper bag as the first choice of shopping packaging or food packaging.


In Conclusion


Well, the reasons of why Kraft paper bags are so popular are that they are cost-effective, practical and environmentally friendly. If you want to purchase Kraft paper bags, you can find them in Shantou Kaixuan Packaging Co. Ltd, where has many good Kraft paper bags for sale.