Why are Biodegradeable Kraft Paper Bags so Popular?

February 28,2022

In China, the problem of contamination of food packaging is just beginning to attract attention. Since many plastic packaging bags for most food have not been introduced environmentally friendly and biodegradable, they have brought serious white pollution to the environment.


In recent years, most manufacturers and retailers have begun to use kraft paper packaging to replace plastic packaging.


With the upgrade of the plastic restriction order, the most direct impact on our lives is that many plastic products cannot be used. Relevant departments even promote the use of biodegradable bags kraft paper, paper bags, cloth bags, and other packaging. The regulation has also successfully pushed some food businesses to switch to more environmentally friendly paper bags.


Why are biodegradable kraft paper bags so popular? Why do many countries vigorously promote this kind of packaging bag? What incomparable advantages does it have?


Six Benefits of Kraft Paper Bags

Do you Want to Buy Kraft Paper Packaging, Biodegradable Bags Kraft Paper or Biodegradable Kraft Paper Bag


When you walk into the mall, you can see more and more food, dry goods, all choose biodegradable kraft paper bags.


The physical properties of kraft paper are also excellent, and different products have different requirements for packaging materials.


  • First, good tensile strength is one of the necessary conditions for kraft paper packaging. This is to prevent consumers from pulling the bag off on take-out food.


  • Second, biodegradable bags of kraft paper has a certain ability to resist moisture and not deform.


This property greatly enhances the application range of kraft paper in the field of food packaging.


  • Third, the biodegradable kraft paper bag has a certain oil resistance.


Many fast-food companies in the market love to use kraft paper for packaging. Fast food is often cooked with oil, and if the wrapping paper is soaked, it will bring a very bad experience to customers.


  • Fourth, biodegradable kraft paper bags are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.


These characteristics are also one of the reasons why they can be widely used in food packaging. However, products stored in a humid environment cannot use biodegradable kraft paper bags, because the kraft paper will soften when it touches water.


  • Fifth, It is more beautiful.


The biodegradable bags of kraft paper is combined with current pop culture to convey the brand image in a more acceptable way for people.


Due to the special natural color of kraft paper, compared with other effects that can only be achieved through complex printing processes, kraft paper can obtain unique visual effects through simple processing and printing. It can be said that the personalized packaging of products has become an important sales highlight.


  • Sixth, it can give you a good user experience.


The natural brown color of brown paper looks like a warm nostalgia, and there's a white kraft paper bag that I'm sure many people like. The natural browns and whites of kraft paper give a healthy and nostalgic impression. Kraft paper packaging not only reflects the concept of health and environmental protection but also highlights the high-end, which is consistent with the high-end concept of today's consumers pursuing healthy eating and use.


In conclusion, from 2010 onwards, the range of biodegradable kraft paper bags is getting wider and wider. The popularity of biodegradable kraft paper bags in the market is closely related to their excellent performance and environmental protection.


Finally, if you want to do your part for the environment, you can replace plastic packaging with beautiful kraft paper packaging from now on. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.